Black Starlight Dancefloor

Light Up The Dancefloor!

Black LED Dancefloor Hire Gloucestershire

Transform My Venue is based in Gloucestershire and has been providing LED Dancefloor Hire for many years. We currently stock Light Up LED dancefloors in both black and white. 

Our most popular choice of dancefloor is the Black LED starlight (sometimes known as twinkly) dancefloor. The hard wearing panels houses small white LEDs which are set off nicely against the black acrylic panels. Therefore this helps create a “wow” factor at your wedding or event.

This dancefloor is put together using various sizes of panels which means that not only can we provide you with a size to fit your venue perfectly but it doesn’t even have to be a square. All of our installs come with metal sloped edging around the perimeter of the floor to ensure nobody trips or falls over.

In terms of the white LEDs they can be set to “static” mode which provides a nice subtle white effect or to a “chase” program which means they all fade and twinkle to various speeds.

Installation times will depend on the size of the floor and also access however as a guideline we can lay down a 12 x 12 foot dancefloor in most venues within 45 minutes. Due to how the floor works we require an flat and even surface to lay on (usually only applies to marquee events).

All of the dancefloors are cleaned and prepared before each installation.

We can also provide a matching black starcloth which goes nicely with the dancefloor (picture below).

When making an enquiry please include your venue, type of floor required and installation/collection times if possible.



Areas Covered

Black LED Dancefloor Hire Gloucestershire. We operate out of Gloucester covering most of the South & Midlands. Areas such as Bristol, Oxford, Swindon, Birmingham, Worcester, Reading & Bath. Delivery surcharges may apply for venues further afield.

Please note we also stock the LED dancefloor in either black or white along with matching starcloth.

More information on our dancefloors and other products can be found on our sister site DDWES.

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