Cheltenham Chase Hotel Wedding

Wedding draping at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel

Cheltenham Chase Wedding Draping

We were contacted by Jo prior to her 2015 Cheltenham Chase Hotel Wedding in Brockworth, Gloucester. Jo had seen our previous work on our facebook page, and was interested to see how we could help transform her venue.

Due to the hotel being located only a few miles from us we were able to meet up with Jo at the venue. This allowed us to discuss how we worked and what Jo was looking to achieve using our draping service.

Jo liked the room in general however in between the wooden pillars around the room the artwork wasn’t fitting in with the theme. The other issue was the kitchen access doors which meant you could see directly into the kitchen.

Resulting from the meeting we decided to drape inbetween the wooden pillars rather than across them. Therefore this allowed us to cover up the artwork but keep the room features Jo liked about the room. In addition we uplit the wooden features in white to help them stand out.

For the rest of the room we left the required fire exits and door ways accessible. Furthermore we also draped across the kitchen doors which hid them from view but also allowed kitchen staff plenty of room to provide their service. 

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