School Hall Transformation

Minchinhampton Primary School

We loved working at Vanessa’s school hall wedding in the summer of 2014. Vanessa is a very talented make up artist that we have worked with previously so being asked to be a part of her own wedding was a fantastic honour and privilege (can check out her work here).

The venue in question is a local primary school that her two boys are pupils of. The location for the wedding reception was to be the school hall that had features such as a climbing frame and also very harsh in house lighting.

We thankfully had access to the school the day before so we arrived early with coffee and flapjack supplies (we love a good flapjack!) and started on transforming the school sports hall into an elegant wedding setting.

First we erected the free standing drape support system (so no attachment to any walls or ceiling which venues love) and soon after we fitted the drapes all around the room covering the stage, climbing frame and various school related displays. Next came the LED uplighting which helps add a touch of colour and depth to the room against the white drapes which meant we didn’t require the harsh in-house fluorescent lighting.

With the day nearly over we had just enough time to add three runs of organza ceiling draping making use of the lighting rig which was fitted in the middle of the room to help mask the false ceiling tiles.

The day itself came and went with many favourable reactions from guests who couldn’t believe this is their local school hall. Once the evening reception came along we moved the drapes covering the stage to the back revealing the disco which kept the guests dancing all night long ( As you can see the LED uplighting is really effective in the evening.



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