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Wedding Drapes Hire Wiltshire

For years now Transform My Venue has been working on many weddings in the Wiltshire area. We have helped transform a variety of venues to our clients requirements. Typically our previous customers have liked the venue space but maybe not the decor. This can be common in Village Halls but also some hotels as well.

The great thing about our freestanding drapes and draping system is that it doesn’t take that long to install. We find the most time consuming element is actually the steaming. This allows us to install and then leaves you plenty of time to worry about the decor & furniture (we do also offer furniture hire).

Wedding Venue Drapes

If you’ve booked a hotel type venue then we will always work with them to ensure the smooth running of the day. If you have the ceremony and wedding reception at the hotel and require a “room turnaround” then we can help with this. We do ask that we are given access the day before, but know this isn’t always possible.

Village Hall Drapes

Village Hall weddings are typically more easier to deal with in terms of installation and collection. We have worked on many village hall weddings over the years, but are still happy to conduct site visits with you for peace of mind. We recommend our uplighting service as well to provide you with some more softer lighting than most village halls have equipped.

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