White LED Dancefloor Hire

Stunning Dancefloors For Your Event

White LED Dancefloor Hire
WHite LED dancefloor hire

If you’re looking to create the ultimate setting for some dance offs and that “wow” effect then our White LED Dancefloor will appeal.

White LEDs contained within the dancefloor itself will light up the room while fading and twinkling.

Ideal and popular for weddings it really does create a “moment” for the first dance. Wedding guests are always keen to jump on and throw some shapes as per our photo above!

In terms of sizes our floors are put together in sections. This means that you can increase the size in 2ft denominations. You don’t even have to have a square dancefloor!

Typically floors start in size from 12 x 12 foot which will allow for approx 30 people room to dance easily without hitting each other :).

Installation times will depend upon size of the floor and access however we require at least 45 minutes.

We are based in Gloucestershire but provide white led dancefloor hire to a wide radius which includes Wiltshire, Bristol, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Somerset, Birmingham, Monmouthshire & Warwickshire.

You can find more information on our dancefloors products over at our sister site DDWES.

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